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What is transform?

The Transform program offers learning through experiences in social development! Through the program learners get to experience the world of social development, travel and live in another culture or community and learn from the experience while making a difference in that part of the world! The experience allows you to serve local communities and their environment while you learn experientially.

Transform learners are visionaries with a heart. They understand the bigger picture and want to make a difference, contributing to people, to change pr to a cause. They want to spend their time and use their skills to contribute to change and give their little bit to the world.

learning through experiences in social development
How does it work?

The Transform program envisions a symbiosis between the experiential learner and the social development organization. It creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the learner who acquires knowledge from the SDO while contributing to its activities, and the SDO that offers the learner an experience and gains from the learner's participation and assistance.

Through this interaction, the learner leverages his existing knowledge to gain new knowledge! Every participant brings his own skill set, of any kind that he can use for the organization, depending on its needs. This would translate into the learner sharing, for example, his competence in the English language, computer programming, hardware designing or art designing with the social development organization and in turn getting to be a part of, contributing and experiencing the work of that NGO or social organization!

Match the needs

IEL plays a vital role in carefully selecting the right organization that meets your learning needs and matches your skill with the needs of the organization. This would include selection of the location, the cause and the requirements of the organization, and matching your skills to the need of the organization.