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To make your learning experience enriching and seamless, the institute supervises logistics and offers ground support while you in the country.

Support Offered by IEL

1. Project Orientation on Arrival

On arrival for the TRANSFROM program, IEL organizes an orientation seminar that would throw light on the culture, traditions and working attitudes of the country and aims at preparing you for your stint in India. During this time you will be provided with information on how to carry out your work, cultural dos and don'ts and other practical tips.

2. Accommodation

IEL organizes suitable local accommodation depending on the budget and cultural requirements of the individual/s. IEL can also organize accommodation, where possible, at the site of the chosen SDO.

3. Coordination

IEL assists you with a local coordinator who is familiar with your language as well as local languages. The coordinator would help you ease into the organization and assist with local logistics. The coordinator is also a source of local knowledge and culture.

4. Travel:

  • IEL arranges travel and conveyance inside the country
  • Visa procedures and police verifications
  • Assistance with recreational and leisure travel during your stay

5. Medical Support:

  • Information and assistance with inoculations and health advisories
  • Local Medical support and assistance
  • Emergency evacuation in case of medical crisis