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Transformational Learning

Learning Objective: Insight into international business, increased understanding of social enterprise and broadening cultural awareness.

This program offers Experiential Learning through Collaboration with Indian Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners that helps in understanding the business atmosphere in a developing country like India. The objective of the program is to provide the student participants with broader cultural awareness, experience in international business and an increased understanding of entrepreneurship and small business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Successful assimilation of inter--personal skills necessary to work collaboratively to solve problems encountered by small businesses and NGO's

  • Understanding of cultural, government, political and economic issues relevant to the region in concern

  • Delivery of implemental recommendations, or implementation of solutions to small business owners or NGO's

  • Familiarization with India, its rich cultural and traditional tapestry and an introduction to the socio-economic realities of India

The Experience


    The orientation program offers basic familiarization with India, its rich cultural and traditional tapestry and an introduction to the socio-economic realities of India via an interactive session by an eminent speaker. The talk sets the tone of what can be expected in the next few days.

The Project:

Client interaction: The student group works with a live client in india, understanding his/her enterprise, creating an issue tree, identifying the problem areas and offering suggestions for improvements.

The interaction for the 1st two months in online followed by a visit to India for a week, where recommendations are submitted. This exercise includes:

  • Formal and Informal Class Sessions, Discussions, Guest Lectures and Case Studies pertaining to the Curriculum

  • Formation of Teams in collaboration with Indian students – The cross-cultural student groups engages online in group discussions, exchange ideas and concepts. and helps in understanding global perspectives to doing business

  • Client Consulting-Understanding challenges, misgivings, problems faced by the enterprise through online and real time interactions

  • Client Visit over a period of a fortnight with real-time exposure to the enterprise, the resources and the processes involved.

  • Process evaluation and business recommendations to the client

Culture: People, Food, Architecture, Art, Entertainment:

  • Heritage walk around colonial Bangalore, exploring the bygone British era, its old colonial building, parks and imposing institutions

  • Local cuisine at various restaurants, visit to historic temples and monuments

Reflection: Deriving powerful learning from the experience:

  • Using reflection tools such group discussions, AVK aids, guided visualization to enhance learning outcomes.

About the Region

The business world in India offers a wide range of learning opportunities to the learner. The Indian Peninsula, poised as one of the emerging countries in world economy is an excellent place to engage with 'enterprises with a soul' that are contributing to society There are numerous NGO's, social development organizations and talented entrepreneurs in India working on significant projects that have a deep social impact on the local community and on society.

Learner Profile

This program can be designed for both under and post graduation students pursuing different streams.



Anywhere in rural and urban India

Group Size:



Jan 2012 onwards


Customized Programs akin to this can be designed and scheduled to suit curriculum needs in your institution

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