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Experiential Teaching Methods

Learning Objective: Communication Skills, Experiential Learning Techniques

The training workshops helps teachers improve communication skills in their classrooms and effectively communicate to different kind of learners. The sessions empower teachers to bring life into their sessions with effective communication, and covers different models of communication and teaching.

The AVK(Audio, Video, Kinesthetic) concept of communication, aims at helping teachers to make their classrooms 'learner friendly'.

Facilitated by trained experientialists, teachers find themselves on the other side of the class and experientially develop creative and hands-on methods of teaching that enhance their methodology and style.

AVK & Experiential Learning

It has been proved that we process information via different “modalities” – Audio, Visual and Kinesthetic. Communication is effective when it uses a multi sensory approach to communication, rather than a one dimensional approach.

Teaching goes beyond communication, it engages students in a learning state and helps them learn how to learn. Using simple yet effective AVK tools like charts, mind-maps, theatre, music, etc. adds to the fun of learning and helps reach different kinds of learners(Multiple Intelligence).

Program Activities

  • Orientation and Introduction: What is communication, concept of VAK and experiential classrooms

  • Effective usage of Communication Tools: mind maps, music, rhymes, diagrams, charts, pictures, theatre, plays, clay, puppetry, storytelling, etc
  • Classroom Simulation: In groups, develop material for a classroom scenario. embedding the different tools around the learning need/subject

  • Present your session with the rest of the learners as students

  • Feedback and follow-up: Tune your methods with feedback and coaching from our trained Experientialists

  • Install the new learning and methods in your teaching style to work around and with class decorum and curriculum

Learner Profile

Middle and High School Teachers

Group Size:



Jan 2012 onwards


Customized Programs akin to this and around other learning and training needs can be designed and scheduled to suit your teacher training needs.


Training Needs

Communication Skills

Thinking Skills

Creativity in Teaching Methods

Activity Design

Learning Styles and Habbits of te Mind

Multiple Intelligence