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Experiential Training

Learning Objective: To enhance customer service and client assistance

Experiential training programs utilize an activity-based model where participants learn through the act of doing. It is an approach to individual, group, and organizational learning that engages people using action, reflection, application, and performance support. Experiential training combines the methods of experiential learning, adult learning and organization development.

The Experience

Customer service executives participate in a unique experience that helps them gauge their performance in comparison to other service providers through participative observation. Reflecting on the experience after the session the learners adopt new and powerful behaviors that enhance their performance. .

Customers Perspective

With all banking needs of the employees taken care at the their own bank, rarely do bank employees experience another bank and its services.

The experiential training session is structured around 'a customer's perspective to banking'. On the pretext of being a customer the employee visits another bank and experiences the services of the bank ( example: tries to avail a loan or open an account).

Session Activities

  • Context Setting - Questionnaire to identify current behaviors and necessary aspects of customer service

  • Briefing - Customer Service and Communication principles, key aspects of the experiential training

  • Visit to other banks under pretexts of being customers; presenting multiple contexts to enrich the experience

  • Reflection Sessions - Critical reflection on the experience; sharing varied experiences along with peer to peer learning

  • Presentation - Every learners gives a 5 minute presentation on key take away from the experience

  • Assessment - Analysis of their performance aided with questionnaire and observation before and after the training.


Learner Profile

Bank Employees (Customer Service Executives)


Bangalore, Karnataka

Group Size:



Oct to Feb.


Customized Programs akin to this and around other industry sectors can be designed and scheduled to suit corporate training needs in your organization


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