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Journalism through Photo Essays

It is believed that photography combines qualities of patience, spontaneity and creativity to convey a story. This workshop is designed to help learners acquire an appreciation for this medium, understand the power of images and how a journalistic story can be conveyed though pictures.

Learning Objectives:

   • Introduction to Photography
   • Introduction to Journalism
   • Story-telling through pictures
   • Blog Management


Photojournalism differs from other forms of photography essentially in the areas of ethical imagery and unbiased reporting. It has three major elements, ‘timeliness’ – recency and relevance of the images, ‘objectivity’ – unbiased content that reveals different perspectives to the situation, and ‘narrative’ – a blend with the written and published content in recent history or with references.

Program Activities

  • Me and my Camera’: Introduction to Photography: History, Camera Orientation, Light, Aesthetics and Insight.

  • Journalism’: Introduction to principles of Journalism, the ethics of reporting and documentation. Interactive session with a Photo Journalist.

  • My City My Story’: Learners, get to brainstorm on ideas that can form their story. Their city, civic awareness and environment will be central to this activity.

  • Editing and Exhibit: The pictures captured are analyzed and learners are encouraged to build a story based on their experience.

  • My Journal, My Blog’: Learners get to present their journalistic stories as a picture essay on a Blog, owned and authored by them.

  • Field Visit’: Visit to a media college, photography studio and/or a photographer’s public exhibit.

  • Ripples in the pond’: a journey of reflection and insight

About the Specialist:

The Experiential Specialist Kokila Rangaswamy is an enthusiastic photographer specialized in nature, wildlife and macro photography. Understanding the different nuances of light, functions of the camera, ideal timing and exposure is a skill that she has perfected through the years. Her passion for photography and her ease in capturing delightful details make her the ideal facilitator for this program.


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  •    Research and Activity Design
  •    Experienced Specialists and Trained Experientialists
  •    Visiting Faculty from senior photographers and journalists
  •    Basic hardware infrastructure (computers and editing software)
  •    Organization of Field Visit
  •    Transport for the Organizational Visit


  •    Personal stationary like pencils, pens, erasers, sharpener, colors (pencils or crayons), notebook, scale
  •    Basic Camera euipment and computer facility

* Students are required to bring their own digital camera and personal computer for this workshop

Program Details


12 Modules to be scheduled as per requirement.


The program can be facilitated by experientialists from the institute at schools, housing complexes, summer centers etc.


Scheduled as per need


Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning.

Age Group and Group Size:

10-15 years
Max 20 per batch


Program Availability on a first-come-first-served basis
Program subject to a min. group size of 12 and availablity of faculty