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Creative Writing and Publishing
Be an Author
Publish your Book

This summer at our Experience Lab in Bangalore, the institute offers learners a chance tobe an author and experience the process of getting their work published. Experience the world of spinning yarns and creating fictional characters as you build stories and incorporate exciting twists and endings into your story.

Learning Objectives:

   • Building Language Competency: Story telling, vocabulary, text features and ‘character’ building
   • Enhancing Creativity: Design and Illustration skills
   • Building Systemic Competencies: Abilities and skills concerning whole brain learning

Program Activities

  • Writers World

    1. Writing strategies and skills
    2. Literary elements
    3. Literary techniques (i.e. voice, descriptive words, etc.)
    4. Genre studies
    5. Text features
  • Creative World: Design and Animate

    Book Design: includes book layout, colors, characters, illustrations and art work creation

  • Publishing World

    Books authored by the learners will be published with an ISBN number.

  • The Book Launch

    On the last day the “authors” will have a book Launch of their books: open to parents.


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  •    Experiential Sessions and Activity Design
  •    Experienced Specialists & Experientialists
  •    Visiting faculty from senior writers or leading publications
  •    Publishing


  •    Personal stationary like pencils, pens, erasers, sharpener, colors (pencils or crayons), notebook, scale

Program Details


3 hours / day x 5 days


The program is being organized at the Experience Lab situated at the office of Institute of Experiential Learning, Infantry Road Bangalore.


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Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning and a Redeemable Voucher for future Experiential Learning Programs.

Age Group and Group Size:

10-14 years
Max 20 per batch


You could choose to own this program at your housing complex and INEXEL will facilitate the same at your premises.


Program Availability on a first-come-first-served basis

Program subject to a min. group size of 15 and availablity of faculty