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It's My Show
Visualize and create your own event

5 day workshop where learners experience planning and managing an event they are passionate about. The sessions take them through the fun activity of creating the event, promoting it and managing the different parts.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Planning: Ideation and Strategy
  2. Organization Skills: Bringing different moving parts together
  3. Communication and Branding:  Modes, methods and channel
  4. Time and Money Management: Allocation of resources
  5. Promotion: Marketing the event
  6. People Skills: Managing people and delegation

Program Activities

  • Ideate – Build an event around music, learning, art or anything of your choice
  • Big Picture - Map out different parts of the events and the resources required.
  • Make Noise - chart a promotion plan for the event
  • Organize - Delegate and get the parts to work together
  • EVENT - Make it happen with the budget given to you
  • Field Visit  – Visit to an event Mangaement company
  • Reflection – ‘Ripples-in-the-pond’ – a reflection session on internalizing what we have learnt and a movie showcase day


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  •    INR 500 as Event Fund Investment
  •    Research and Activity Design
  •    Experienced Specialists and Trained Experientialists
  •    Experience Manual
  •    Editing and conversion software
  •    Organization of Field Visit
  •    Transport for the Organizational Visit


  •    Personal stationary like pencils, pens, erasers, sharpener, colors (pencils or crayons), notebook, scale, decorative accessories, etc.

Program Details


5 days (Monday to Friday)
10 am to 1 pm


The program is being organized at the Experience Lab situated at the office of Institute of Experiential Learning, Infantry Road Bangalore.


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Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning and a Redeemable Voucher for future Experiential Learning Programs.

Age Group and Group Size:

10-15 years
Max 20 per batch


Sponsor an Underprevileged Child

Write to us at [email protected] to gift this experience


You could choose to own this program at your housing complex or institution, and INEXEL will facilitate the same at your premises.


Program Availability on a first-come-first-served basis
Program subject to a min. group size of 12 and availablity of faculty