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Ad Jingle
Create a jingle for a brand!

In this workshop the participants can understand the entire process of music production by creating a jingle for a brand. This introduces them to not just the knowhow of producing tracks but will also give hands on practical application of music as a medium of communication.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Music Production
  2. Practical application of music as a mode of communication
  3. Concept driven lyrics
  4. Basic Music theory and composing.
  5. Creation of tracks and mixing them.

Program Activities

  • Evolution of jingles – Learn how jingles have evolved and transformed over the years
  • Brands and Marketing - Understand how brands use music to project a concept
  • Lyrics - Explore creating suitable lyrics for a product or an emotion
  • Music production - Know the theory of music, how to compose tunes and introduction and hands on of music software
  • Recording and Mixing – Compose the Jingle
  • Reflection – ‘Ripples-in-the-pond’ – a reflection session on internalizing what has been learnt, and present jingle


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  •    Research and Activity Design
  •    Experienced Specialists and Trained Experientialists
  •    Experience Manual
  •    Editing and conversion software


  •    Personal stationary like pencils, pens, erasers, sharpener, colors (pencils or crayons), notebook, scale.

* Students are required to bring their own sound recording devices and personal computers for the lab

Program Details


12 Modules to be scheduled as per requirement.


The program can be facilitated by experientialists from the institute at schools, housing complexes, summer centers etc.


Scheduled as per need


Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning.

Age Group and Group Size:

10-15 years
Max 20 per batch


Program Availability on a first-come-first-served basis
Program subject to a min. group size of 12 and availablity of faculty