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Experiential Learning for the Parent

Have you been looking for ways to provide a holistic environment for your child, an environment that stimulates their creativity, which is flexible to their needs and exposes them to new concepts in exciting and fun ways?

The knowledge world requires children who think out of the box, are willing to push the limits and be part of the ever-changing future landscape. As opportunities grow and most challenges have a global context, we become part of a brave new tomorrow that we need to prepare young people for.

Experiential learning is a source of exciting experiences for your child. Allow them to experience the outdoors, expose them to working for a social cause, give them the thrill of scuba diving or the simple life of a rustic village setting!

Sign your child up for an experience

Contact the design and research team at the institute for a customized experience for your child or please check the current event section to see the upcoming events.


Experience Social Work

A group of children in the summer of 2010 worked closely with a school in the Malnad region, offering their English skills to teach the primary class. The experience took the children to a tiny hamlet in the South of India. The group lived with the villagers and walked everyday to the village school, which was 4 kms away. Eating simple meals, living in a camp they shared their summer experiencing life at a village school as they shared their skills with the children.