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Leadership Labs: Intensive Experiences with Leadership

Following the implications of Head Table, an able leader, today, is someone who is informed, and explores brining about change in the outside world by starting from within oneself. The onus on the mindset and the planning, the implosion of attitudes and rigor in action are certain elements of leadership that school students are not particularly familiar with.

As a vertical in the Experiential Learning labs, the institute has conceptualized different modular experiences that would help children learn, portray and hone their leadership skills.

These are intensive pedagogically facilitated programs inspired by Head Table. These labs are designed in 3 different models to suit the learning and scheduling requirements of different schools.

leadership labs

Lab Models:

Workshop: 1-Day Mindset Intensive:
Ideate, plan and create a blue-print of executing your leadership activity

Project: 3-Day Activity Intensive:
Ideate, plan, create a blue-print, invest time and money, reasearch, source resources and complete one phase of execution of your leadership activity

Seminar: 1 Day Group Inclusive:
Address a leadership concern in real-time.

Business and Entrepreneurship Lab: A day in the life of an Entrepreneur

This workshop provides you a chance to experience leadership as an entrepreneur. Every great organization, be it an Infosys, or a Fitness Land or ITC, started off with a business plan. This business plan was developed with a huge investment of committed time and research from the enterprising minds that formed the initial core team. Starting off with a vision, they made a plan and then projected themselves over to growing from garage stalls to being among the leading organizations in the world!

Leadership in this domain demands innovation, vision, dynamism, perception and risk taking.

Civil Society Advocacy Lab: A Day in the Life of an Activist

This workshop provides you a chance to experience leadership as civil society activist. A day in the life of leaders like Medha Patkar and Anna Hazare who have devoted her life and work towards a cause they are passionate about. They have been able to generate the support of millions towards their cause and have spread awareness, garnered opinion and held the authorities accountable.

Leadership in this domain demands mettle, passion, perseverance and strong ethical values.