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Varsha V.Kumar, April 2007
Kinder Quest Camp

The camp was really nice, but it was a little scary . I learnt that if I try then it will be easy and it also worked. I have never experienced such excitement. I am really excited. I like doing new things because its fun.

Vipul Agarwal, April 2008
Kinder Quest Camp - Wayanad

We made new friends, We learnt to work in team and we saw the beautiful India which many people regret..All I would like to say
I feel Good
I feel Great
I feel Terrific.

Sharon Fredrick Lasrado, S. School Head , St. Meera's High School, August 2011
Head Table - Ethical practice and Transparency

HEAD TABLE 2011 made me understand that, to solve any problem in our society and system, we should act within the rules, not by blackmail or haste.Also, I, as a responsible student in my school, would like to work towards spreading the message of quality education in my neighbourhood by creating awareness.
The volunteers were very co-operative. They guided us in a proper way and thus were instrumental in the success of this event.The choice of the panelists and the moderator was very apt for this topic. They are perceived to be role models in their respective fields and their presence definitely was an impetus for this noble effort.
The food, seating and other miscellaneous arrangements were very good.
Hats off to INEXEL for their effort.

Mrs Reena Suresh, Teacher, Brigade school @J.P nagar, August 2011
Head Table - Ethical Practice and Transparency

Head Table 2011  is a great idea and can be an effective way to come up with some solutions to our society. The panelists and their interaction with students was also very enriching. The commitment of the panelists was awe inspiring.The idea of being the change is also very inspiring.The panelists were the perfect role models

Sharanya, Class X, Carmel High School, October 2011
Kinder Quest Program - History and Life Skills, Maharashtra

It is our Xth trip and there is still some learning in it where you actually explore and learn by yourself. History is always boring but when you experience what you are learning then its fun.Trust me! This trip is just not fun but learning with fun and you shouldn’t learn by just mugging up but learning with experience will stay as knowledge inside your brain.
Its an amazing experience and thank u so much helping us learn in a brilliant way and ideas and activities  put forth is just brilliant. I cant use any adjective to describe what you have done to us and thank so much to make our Xth trip so memorable.

Mamtha Ramachandran, Manager, TESCO, January 2012
Corporate Training

As this was the 1st team outing which we had, it was a total difference experience from the normal lunch or resort outing. This not only brought the whole team together but it also brought us closer to nature.
The team enjoyed each moment of the trip. Most of the people it was 1st time in their life to go on cave exploration. So, thanks for all the support in letting the team know/ explain the basics before they went for actual exploration and Jummering.

Ruby Rozario, Guardian Bank, January 2012
Transform Experience - Entrepreneurs Without Borders, India

I joined the EWOB course because it was something new and challenging. The student feeling was good , we were focused and forgot about everything else. It was a learning that will never go out of my memory. I understood how a business model works and woke up my creative skill. And this is one of a kind experience and I would want many of my colleagues to feel the same.

Betsy, Student of World Business, University of Illinois, January 2012
Transform Experience - Entrepreneurs Without Borders, India

I miss Bangalore! Too much :(
Now that all of us students are settled back in classes at Champaign, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you. It was truly a humbling and incredibly enriching experience getting to work and know each of you. We had such a diverse group of team members with unique skill sets. I can say that this was by far the most eye-opening and fun project I have engaged to date, and I cannot begin to describe the plethora of knowledge I have acquired from our week of work. I am definitely looking forward to the continuity of this project and witnessing the success of Kalpana and her powerful group of women spread their powerful message. Thank you to INEXEL, whom I can joyfully say now, our good friends, for accommodating us and making our experience such an unforgettable one. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you all very soon in Bangalore!

Ankit Mallya, April 2012
Kinder Quest Program - Balekhan Camp, Summer ‘12

I had a lot of fun at the Balekhan Adventure camp last week. On the first day, when we met Roopa Aunty, Iver Sir and Ivander I knew we are going to have a great time at the camp. On the coffee trail when we jumped about with joy and came back home in time for dinner, I was fascinated by the Robusta coffee plants and the different types of palms on the estates. The late night TOD games was just awesome! The next day with the rope activities was always a mix of feelings - greatest being scared and exciting at the same time. The joomering was out of the world and the afternoon session of aerial crossing was painful but superb. I loved the food cooked by Iver sir and I also loved the cooking sessions.Last but not the least the philosophical circle times with you guys was the best way to end the day.
Thanks for such a wonderful time. The 5 days of great adventurous fun with Om, Sam, Manya, Vishnu and you will always be in my heart forever.

S Vyjayanthi, m/o Maanya Rajan, April 2012
Kinder Quest Program - Balekhan Camp, Summer ‘12

My daughter shared with me that the trip was adventurous,  and  the best  was living in the nature by themselves (and most important – cooking). She found it fun living in the nature without technology; learnt to live in a group and adjust to the team.She has overcome fears of dogs, climbing heights, e.g., trees and rocks.  (Overall improve in self-confidence). Overall it was an excellent trip for the child and improved her  self confidence and ability to  mix and interact with people on her own.

Karan Agarwal, NAFL, April 2012
Learning Lab - Film Making, Summer ‘12

Film Making held by INEXEL at Brigade School, JP Nagar provided a platform or a base for me to enhance my creativity, understand photography and videography and explore the world of film making. I learnt that in order to produce a successful film, planning is an important task all the way from idea to the final output. I also learnt the ‘never give up’ attitude and always to smile in difficult situations. This experience has been a wonderful learning curve for me. I hope to maintain and remember this beautiful skill I have learnt. ‘I am an Experientialist’

Rahul Prabhu, The Brigade School, April 2012
Learning Lab - Film Making, Summer Lab ’12

I learnt that making a movie is not just about a camera and a mike, there are many different aspects. I learnt not just to learn from known facts, to get out of the book and explore and experience new things and learn by myself, and its a lot of fun. Different ways of doing stuff, different ways of learning and different ways of giving a perspective to a particular thing and that's going to help me when i do anything. And the facilitators, they didn't 'teach' us, they brought us towards learning.