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What is explore?

The Explore program offers learning through experiential travel! 'Explore' travel is enriched with social, cultural, educational and historic experiences, that connect you with real people. Such travel could include culinary and wellness experiences as well.

The program offers you an opportunity to absorb culture, local people and environment; to immerse yourself in the richness of a different experience from your own sphere of reference, all the while ensuring minimal environmental and ecological imprint.

Experiential travel is more about enriching and fulfilling experiences that impact at a cerebral or spiritual level, activities range from cultural discovery tours, to engaging with local communities to wellbeing activities such as yoga and ayurveda.

This kind of travel involves slowing down and opening ourselves to similarities and differences; perhaps seeing as if for the first or last time. Listening to sounds, visiting artisan studios, learning about local traditions, walking slowly along a lane or bridge and savoring the local cuisine.

Who is an Experiential Traveler?

Experiential Travelers are true inter-culturalists. They think of the places and people they visit as something to learn about and not just watch from the tourist sidelines; they wish to give back while they visit a place. They believe that immersing oneself in a language and culture brings intercultural understanding that is unparalleled as a learning and life changing experience.

Experiential travelers