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1. How should I plan my experience?

In order for the institute to customize your travel experience, you could either send in a brief on what you are looking for. You could also Research your destination and send in your specific requirements. Experience designers at the institute will construct an experience to suit your needs, keeping budgets, preferences and personal choice in mind.

2. How comfortable isthe Explore experience?

Experiential travel takes you to sometimes far-flung places with bare minimum in the form of comfort. Determine your openness to possible discomfort. Some destinations are primitive, offering little in the way of creature comforts. If you're a first time traveler, consider places that fall in the middle of the amenities spectrum, not the extreme. Make your final decision based upon both the local circumstances and your desire to visit it. Call ahead and ask about specific provisions you may need that conventional travel might not require.

3. What kind of Local Support does the institute offer?

To make your experience seamless, the institute supervises logistics and offers blanket ground support while in the country. This support includes accommodation, convenience, food arrangements, Local Medical support and assistance. We also assist you with a local coordinator who is familiar with your language as well as local languages. The coordinator would help you ease into the community and assist with local logistics. The coordinator is also a source of local knowledge and culture. On request personal shoppers and interaction with locals can also be arranged.

4. Responsible Tourism: The effects of a Explore program on the Environment?

The Explore program is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people. It's about doing this in a way that ensures that you will be welcomed.For example, a local guide from the destination will sensitize you to the culture and ways of life so that you will fit in and not disrupt their pattern of life.

We have taken extra care, time and patience to identify our activity partners at each destination. The focus was always about finding partners who were doing responsible tourism, causing least impact to the environment around, who were already working with local people and were aware of local issues.

5. How safe are the destinations?

Most destinations are safe compared to cities around the world. The institute has information of those area where there is current political or social unrest and will keep the learner informed about these situations.

6. What Medical support do you provide?

The institute will provide you with information and assistance with inoculations and health advisories. The institute will provide assistance with Local Medical facilities in case of emergency health crises and Emergency evacuation if needed.

7. How do I prepare for the experience? Behavior, Attitude and Attire

Respecting and understanding local culture and feelings goes along in learning about a different culture. Every culture, religion and society has defined rules and the learner will be advised on what to expect. We expect all Explore learners to respect local feelings, have an attitude of deference towards the place of visit and dress reasonably.

8. Preparation

Advice on how to prepare for the learning experience is given before the experience begins. What to carry and what to prepare for is a pre-given list to all learners depending on the destination.

9. Do destinations have Internet connectivity?

Most big cities in India have reasonability fast net connectivity; far flung and remote destinations may not be as well connected.