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Travel to experience a place from the inside rather than view it as an outsider

Who can Benefit?

Teachers and Students

Experiential Travel is a great tool for teachers who are trying to generate improved and effective teaching methods that help children retain what they learn more effectively. Using destinations as subjects, teachers can teach about architecture, heritage, culture, people, nature or history. Compared to classroom learning, the program offers learning programs for children where they can immerse themselves in the experience of the location in order to learn about their culture, heritage, people, heritage art and customs.

Discerning travelers

Travel is changing. The world has grown smaller, more accessible, yet homogenized and less exotic. Today's travelers want to get beyond that which is superficial, mass-produced, mass consumed, and mass-experienced. They look for the authentic experience, whether in people, places, or things. Explore offers you this unique travel solution combined with learning.

Corporate Workers

In the fast moving information age with the burn rate of the knowledge worker hitting the sky and attrition rates soaring, the Explore Program can act as a boon to the corporate world. The program fulfills the need for personal growth, life enhance and employee engagement by offering leaning solutions in travel. Different needs of the corporate world can be solved on an Explore experience, from stress release, career management, and people management to life planning.

Travel Operators

The Explore program offers adventure and experiential travel operators a range of accessible, customized, flexible, marketing and new generation business products and services. Operators can suggest the travel solutions of Explore to their discerning customers looking for unique offbeat experiential travel. The institute offers its programs around the world, helping like-minded operators generate new booking enquiries from a targeted community of travelers and travel planners.

For adventure and experiential travelers and travel planners seeking a more authentic, enriching and responsible style of travel, the Explore program is a unique source of inspiring bespoke experiences for every travel segment.