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Experiential Learning through Cave Exploration

Learning Objective: Outcome based Learning Through Cave Exploration and Outdoor Activities

Cave exploration, also known as Spelunking, is a thrilling challenge that involves negotiation of pitches, rocks and crevices inside cave like formations. Climbing and bouldering techniques are used during the activity, and ropes are used for safe negotiation of particularly steep or challenging passages. This activity offers unique challenges and thrills and is an ideal team activity!

Learning objectives:

   • Leadership and Team-building
   • Competency and Communication
   • Trust and Perseverance
   • Outdoor Skills
      • Bouldering
      • Rock Climbing

About the Region

Antargange is a hill range with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered around while green shrubs cover the hill, and a dense plantation forest exists at the base.The big and small boulders are heaped to form cave like formations offering an exhilarating network for cave exploration activity. The whole-day activity uses rock-climbing techniques to navigate the narrow crevices and challenging boulders.

The Experience

Introduction, Ice-Breaker and Context Setup

This is a rapport-building session making the learner aware that learning happens unconsciously. This session makes the learner aware to the different sights, sounds and feelings one can experience, the different learning one can derive and the safety precautions

Hike to the caves

A quick hike through interesting terrain, moderate passages and inclines helps set an introduction to Rock Climbing and safety orientation

Cave Exploration

With different physical and mental activities like Bouldering, Climbing Methods, Activities and Exercises requiring complete concordence with the specialists and the experientialists, and flexibility and resistance on the part of every learner, the learning objectives are tapped into during the Cave exploration session

Adventure Activities

If permitted by concerns of time and effort, different adventure activities, around different learning needs will be designed near the caves at the other rock-structures and trees. These activities may include
   o Rappelling
   o Jummering
   o Flying-Fox
   o Rock-Climbing
   o River-Crossing

Critical Reflection Session

Critical Reflection sessions are designed to help manifest the learning outcomes from the experience in the mind of the learner. This helps them be aware of the richness of the experience and develop new behaviors and outcomes.

Outcome-Based Team Activities can be arranged for the group, again keeping concerns of time, effort and group size in mind

What to Carry:

• Good Sports Shoes (no sandals or formals)
• Clothing: comfortable casual wear
• Sun cap, Sun-glasses
• Water Bottle(s)
• Bags (if carrying): shoulder bag/s only, NO hand bags

Learner Profile

This program can be accomplished by teams of different age groups. Concerns of health and physical disability are the only factors that could cause anybody not to be a learner through this experience.

We could organize this program for children through the age-groups of
   • 6-9 yrs
   • 9-12 yrs
   • 12-14 yrs
   • 14-17 yrs
and for collegeate students as well as corporate executives and managers



Antargange, off Kolar

Group Size:



Jan 2012 onwards


Customized Programs akin to this can be designed and scheduled to suit curriculum needs in your institution

Please write to us for more.