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What is Discover?

Discover programs offer Experiential Learning in the Outdoors. Using nature and outdoors as a learning tool, the program offers opportunities for exploration of nature, learning to respect nature and understanding it.

Through Discover we create moments that make you feel truly alive, experiences that will remain ingrained in your memory forever and journeys that change the way you perceive the outdoors!

Why Discover?

The outdoors is a great place to discover yourself, offering you a way of life where there is simplicity of need, clarity of thought and measured pace of action, understanding a timelessness that is humbling and unmatched grandeur that speaks to your soul.

The outdoors offer a certain Freedom - a natural environment with an untamed pace that cannot be replicated indoors, freedom from structured living, enabling unrestricted physical activity, sounds as well as silence.

The Outdoors offers Exploration and discovery. Being outdoors, doing things for ourselves helps us discover our nature within while we learn about the nature of life around us.

Experiential Learning in the outdoors