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Discover Nature Photography

Encapsulate the Magnanimity of Nature though your Lens!
Capture the minute details of a flower or the beautiful landscapes of the countryside!


About the Location

Guruskool is a nature farm on the outskirts of Bangalore! Surrounded by huge Banyan tress and a stream that runs through it, the farm is home to several birds and rich in flora and fauna. Conceived by Geeta and Gopal Navale, the place is ideal for participants to run free and explore nature.


The Discover Experience

Experience living outdoors, sleeping under the stars, bonfires and explore birds and insects.

Experience nature and adventure while trekking, climbing and other adventure filled activities!

Reflective learning on team dynamics and community living.


Program Activities

  • Basic history of photography: Introduce to the children the magic of photography, which started 200 years or so. Give very brief history of photography, different types of cameras, photo techniques etc.
  • Light: Basic principle of photography is light. Teach this most important concept in photography in innovative ways so that children understand how to use light available to capture images.
  • Camera Orientation: help the children understand the basic functions of their camera. How to use the different modes of the camera that are available. Get familiar with their equipment. How to care for a camera in different weather elements and conditions.
  • Aesthetics: In simple language the children will learn how to compose photographs. Simple rules of photography taught in their language.
  • Insight: A camera shows a new way to see. Encourage children to watch, see and explore nature through the lens. Encourage them to photograph what they see, learn how to see differently and more important observe the working of nature all around them
  • Story telling: Encourage children to build a story based on their experience. Share what they see in frames that form a story of their weekend.

Guruskool, outskirts of Bangalore

Duration: 3 days

April 8th to 10th 2011
April 15th to 17th 2011

Group Size: 15

Age Group: 8-13 yrs


About the Photography Instructor

Madhu Reddy is a Former business consultant but at the core a traveler who wants to bring the joys of traveling to the world. Through the lens of her camera she shares what she has seen, her photography and writing are a testament to travel tales of lands far and near. Her passion for travel photography and writing are highlighted in some of the links here.