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The Transform program is a Bridge between your desire to contribute to social change and your learning need. At the institute a group of experientialists are constantly working towards creating customized learning solution to the socially inclined leaner with a unique personal approach to discussing, creating and approaching your need.

Please send us a mail with your area of interest in social development to help us create an intelligent match.

Brief :

Profile of Learner : Diana Rodriguez from the University of Illinois
Art Student
Need : To learn experientially from a Socially Responsible Organization
Choice of Organization : In South India
Kind of Organization : Local arts and crafts oriented
Duration : Eight weeksSkill available : Graphic Designer

Design :

  • Match make her need with the partner organizations of Inexel
  • Match her skill to the need of the organization
  • Design an experience at the organization

Program :

  • Eight weeks at Mahalir Aran Trust, Dharmapuri
  • Via design a non for profit organization that works at empowering
  • local women by supporting local craftsmanship and creating sustainable employment.
  • Create a symbiotic relationship where Diana worked on a project for six weeks creating designs for the organization.
  • In turn Diana learns the working of the organization, their social commitment towards the local community and experiences local culture, customs, language and the rural culture of small town India.