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Experiential Learning for the Corporate Leader

The demands of the future in the corporate world are going to be far greater than we can imagine! The pace of change will demand individuals who can think out of the box, are willing to push the limits and be part of an ever-changing landscape. As opportunities grow and most challenges are seen in a global context, we become part of mind-boggling possibilities and we need to invest in creating individuals for this brave new world.

New age work spaces demand that their personnel be smart, creatively intelligent, well balanced, active learners, with enhanced thinking skills, who showcase excellent decision making and problem solving and have a potential for leadership!

The demand is for Individuals who have learnt experientially, with agile and flexible minds, who can hold enlightened conversations and continue to learn! The future belongs to those who never stop learning! The past 10 years have thrown at us a barrage of new skills to learn, from ability to use the Internet, to GPRS in our cars to interactive media. We, as a generation, are pushed to constantly learn and experience new things and this pace will be the norm in the coming years.

Why do we need Experiential Learning?

The corporate world will need a work force that resists attrition, is self-motivated, thinks creatively, and has leadership potential. Experiential Learning helps foster these attributes in individuals.

Experiential learning is a powerful tool that can be used enhance personal growth, increase self worth, internalize corporate social responsibility and act as a de-stress and rejuvenation strategy for the corporate worker.

How can I use Experiential Learning to foster Leadership in my Company?

Contact the design and research team at the institute for a customized experience for your corporate team, for personalized learning solution keeping the company objectives and learner profiles in mind.