collaborate as a program partner

Who is a program partner?

Meaningful partnerships exponentially increase the impact we create.

Through partnerships are constantly on the look out for new partners who are aligned with our values and vision. We are looking at partnerships with developmental organizations, youth groups, educational institutions, Corporates and other organizations to share information or knowledge and partner in creating experiences.

A program partner could also be someone who can offer a venue or location like a eco-hotel, nature resort, campsite or heritage accommodation.

Can I be a Program Partner?

Any location or venue that can assist the institute in enriching its experiences is welcome to join hands with it. An evaluation of the venue will be made to ensure its suitability in supporting the experiential learning concept and an appropriate report will be submitted to the Program Partner along with the possible designed experiential concept for the venue.


The institute uses the beautiful location of Acres Wild Cheese Farm! Located at Conoor. This quaint little farm provides the setting for an enriched travel experience. Stay in cottages with warm fireplaces, home cooked meals, a peek into the how fresh cheese is made, the animal farm, and stories from the owner, Mansoor himself, make Acres Wild a dream program partner for the Institute of Experiential Learning.