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Who is the Experiential Faculty?

Experiential learning moves away from conventional teaching methodologies and the teachers of today need to adapt to the ever-changing learning environment. An experiential faculty will be able to assist the learner to retrospect and reflect on the experience effectively and reiterate the learning acquired.

The experiential faculty will create a learning environment that allows the learner to explore, discover and transform. Rather than people who can teach, we are looking for those who can facilitate learning and are not constrained by traditional teaching methodologies.

Senior experiential faculty will not only teach experientially but are trained to design experiences as well. Senior faculty will be able to conceive, plan and execute an experience.

How Can I be an Experiential Faculty?

Reasonable teaching skills and the ability to think outside the normal paradigms of teaching make you a contender as an Experiential Faculty. A passion for sharing experiences, communication skills, sensitivity to the needs of a learner and commitment are greatly valued attributes in Institute faculty.


Namita Basrur is a painter by profession and a teacher by aspiration! A trained experiential faculty with IEL, she is adept in creating a free flowing and engaging environment for children to learn and experience from art. Her knowledge of art and her passion for the wilderness makes her an engaging and passionate teacher who designs unique experiences and facilitates learning by leading students into the world of art and nature.