collaborate as a co-ordinator

Who is a Coordinator?

Each experience created requires smooth execution and management. To run the experience efficiently, we need a Coordinator who can manage, arrange and facilitate the experience. He or she brings different elements of the program together and ensures efficiency, harmony and matching of needs.

Can I be a Coordinator?

A fair degree of communication skills, organizational proficiency and/or flair for event management are basic requirements to be a coordinator. A passion for sharing experiences, zeal to travel, sensitivity to the needs of a learner and commitment would be valuable attributes.


Arun Agnihotri is a classic example of a coordinator. Our resident coordinator for the Kutch region, he makes certain that the experiences at Kutch run smoothly and are enjoyable as well. Once at Kutch, the experiential learners have all their needs taken care of, whether it is logistical requirements, local knowledge or an understanding of their needs. He manages and executes the experience for the Institute.

Arun's Profile