The institute envisions creating a bouquet of enriching experiences in different categories for the experiential learner. We firmly believe that there are unlimited experiences that can be created depending on the need and interest of the learner.

This vast canvas, although exciting, brings with it some realistic challenges and in order, to make the vision possible, the institute believes in the strength of "collaborative efforts".

There exists a world of individuals that have felt deeply about, learnt from or been moved by unique experiences. These individuals represent a form of resource that can help us design, execute or enable experiential learning.

Sharing Expertise

There is a kind of magic that happens when individuals, teams, or organizations, all with different skills, diverse backgrounds, and divergent areas of expertise, come together. It is a magic that never fails to produce a profound impact on us all.

A classic example is the Michelangelo masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We imagine Michelangelo laboring alone on the scaffolding high above the chapel floor. In fact, 13 people helped paint the work. Michelangelo was not only an artist; he was, as biographer William E. Wallace points out, the head of a good-sized collaborative effort.

By choosing to be part of the shared expertise of Institute of Experiential Learning you become an architect of an institution that fosters experiential learning.


At the institute, by becoming a part of its creative collaboration,you become a part of the collective effort of creating, evaluating, envisioning and delivering experiences. You become an "experientialist".

These creative collaborations also offer you exciting opportunities to learn while you teach and share something that really excites you!

Who can be an Experientialist?

An experientialist truly believes in the power of experiences and is excited about sharing these amazing experiences with the world! To become part of the team of experientialists one will have to share a passion for great experiences and believe in the power of learning from experiences.

It is not just a job but... an opportunity to contribute to the change in learning you always wanted to see, an opportunity to travel while you enhance experiences for someone else and a chance to be part of a passionate team.

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Collaborate as a Program Partner

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