inexel club
Inexel Club

Institute of Experiential Learning (Inexel) offers experiences that facilitate learning!

The institute creates experiences in outdoors and wilderness, offers travel experiences rich in culture and heritage and learning experiences in the social development sector!

In order to fulfill its objective of reaching a wide variety of learners with its enriched programs, it has initiated Inexel Clubs in various locations! The clubs are an effort towards taking the experiential programs to different organizations such as schools, colleges, apartment complexes, restaurants in different locations and allowing these clubs to available the experiences offered by Inexel.

An Inexel Club can be started anywhere and would be run by its group members and experiential programs will be conducted by the institute responding to the need of the members!

Reasons to join or form a Club:

  • Great deals on experiences built around travel and the outdoors. These could be in the form of discounts or value-adds like safaris, treks, photography classes, fun activities, courses, adventure, culinary tours and more.
  • Exclusive trips designed by Inexel, only for members, in the form of weekend trips, road trips, high adrenalin adventure, photography tours, wild safaris, culture and heritage travel experiences, socially responsible experiences and more.
  • Member led trips where anyone is free to announce a trip and invite others to join in.
  • Photography classes for beginners and advanced users. In a room, on the streets or at some exotic locations.
  • Member events like book launches, heritage walks, travel talks, and more.
  • Contribute to Social Change: The foundation that supports the Inexel Clubs offers opportunities to contribute to social change by taking part in its Transform programs that offer a chance of symbiotic learning while contributing to socially responsible organizations
  • Part Time Careers: Members can also become experientialists with the institute and lead and coordinate programs for the organization on a part time remunerative basis.
The Inexel Club is a community where ownership rests with members - be a part of it, start your own Club!

Illustration: Pecos-Inexel Club

Pecos is a restaurant in Bangalore that has a very special place in the hearts of its patrons, with Pecos regulars bonding from around the world. Keeping this unique camaraderie in mind, the force behind the Pecos group of restaurants, wanted the club to be a way for the Pecos fraternity to bond and share unique experiences. Thus was formed the Pecos-Inexel Club, that runs unique travel and wilderness programs for the Club.