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Cave Exploration at Antargange

Outdoor Leadership Program
for Life Skill, Fun and Nature

Cave exploration also known, as Spelunking is a thrilling challenge that involves negotiation of pitches, squeezes, and crevices inside cave like formations. Climbing or crawling is often necessary, and ropes are used for safe negotiation of particularly steep or challenging passages. This activity offers unique challenges and thrills and is an ideal team activity!

Antargange is a hill range with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered around while green shrubs cover the hill, and a dense plantation forest exists at the base. The big and small boulders are heaped to form cave like formations offering an exhilarating network for cave exploration activity. The whole day activity uses rock-climbing techniques to navigate the narrow crevices and challenging boulders. The unique experience of traversing the caves, moving through crevices that seem impossible for any human to navigate through and scaling intimidating rock faces leaves the adventure seeker with a sense of transformation.

Learning objectives:

   • Exploration of rocky terrain
   • Team Activities supporting fun, adventure and bonding
   • Activities on Trust and Perseverance
   • Outdoor Skills

Program Activities

  • Introduction, Ice-Breaker and Context Setup
  • Hike to the caves
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing, Safety Orientation
  • Cave Exploration
    • Crevices, Climbing Methods, Activities
  • Team-Building Activities (Based on availability of time)
    • Bull-Ring, Un-Knot, …
  • Reflection Session
    • Leadership, Learning w/ Fun


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch (Simple Veg)
  • Tea/Coffee, Snacks

Program Details


Antargange, near Kolar


1 Day: 7 am to 6 pm


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Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning and a Redeemable Voucher for future Experiential Learning Programs.

Group Size:

30-60 per batch


What to Carry

• Good Sports Shoes
(no sandals or formals)
• Clothing: comfortable casual wear
• Sun cap, Sun-glasses
• Water Bottle(s)
• Bags (if carrying): shoulder bags only, No hand bags