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Adventure Activities at Pandavapura

Outdoor Leadership Program
for Life Skill, Fun, Nature, and Adventure

Adventurists explore untapped regions with a skillful mix of rock-climbing, spelunking and trekking methods. Survival in the outdoors is an adventure that requires one to be keen on observation, capable physically and mentally to overcome challenges and be spontaneous and tactful to live outdoors. This adventure camp introduces children to simple bouldering, rope-assisted climbing techniques and tent-stay along with a revelatory trek amidst rocky terrain

Pandavapura is located about 120kms or ~2.5hrs from city. Also known as Kunti Hill or the French Rocks, this large hillock near Pandavpura is an ideal getaway for rock climbing and treks. The various different rocks provide an opportunity for different activities. In the countryside around the hills you get to sniff at pungent smell of the jaggery from one of the many jaggery workshops.

Learning objectives:

   • Exploration of rocky terrain
   • Team Activities supporting fun, adventure and bonding
   • Outdoor Skills
         • Bouldering & Rock Climbing
         • Trekking
         • Rope Adventure Activities

Program Activities

  • Camp briefing and ice- breakers/group games at venue
  • Adventure Activities: Rope Balancing, Chimeny Climbing, Rappeling, Jummering, Rock Climbing, etc.
  • Camping: Site Selection and Tent Pitching followed by Campfire and Group Activities
  • Trek: To the summit of Kunti Hills


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch (Simple Veg)
  • Tea/Coffee, Snacks

Program Details


Pandavapura, Mysore


2 Days: 6 am D1 to 7 pm D2


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Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning and a Redeemable Voucher for future Experiential Learning Programs.

Group Size:

up to 30 per batch


What to Carry

• Good Sports Shoes
(no sandals or formals)
• Clothing: comfortable casual wear
• Sun cap, Sun-glasses
• Water Bottle(s)
• Bags (if carrying): shoulder bags only, No hand bags