What is experiential learning?

Experiential learning is an innovative and engaging form of learning that uses dynamic experiences as a learning tool. Based on the premise that an experience followed by reflection leaves a strong kinesthetic imprint on the learner, experiential learning is a creative and engaging method of learning that can be adapted by different kinds of learners ranging from children to adults.

The Institute has adapted this effective and fun way of learning where following each experience, the experiential learner reflects on the experience, which leads to learning and insights that are unique to each learner. Every enriching experience creates a new learning and insight that is carried forward.

Experiential learning believes that it doesn't matter how much you read or hear about a subject, there is no substitute for experiencing anything firsthand, and since every individual comes with their own skills, interests and personalities, the learning each one takes back is just as unique.

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Who can learn experientially?

The institute offers experiences to a wide range of learners from children to adults to senior citizens. ANYONE CAN LEARN!

Children as experiential learners

Children with varied needs and different learning structures can use the institute to enhance their learning! From learning experientially about the history of a country to understanding the culture and heritage of the world to experiencing living in a different country, the institute offers vast opportunities for children.

"Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student"

Adults as experiential learners

Adults can also be part of the enriched learning provided by the institute.

Travelers: We offer programs to the discerning traveler looking for special travel experiences and we cater to the stressed out corporate worker looking for life enrichment.

College students independent study abroad: Students interested in doing a study abroad, but would rather create their own projects than go the traditional study abroad route can learn experientially through travel, outdoor and social development experiences.

College graduates taking time to travel before starting a career or grad school: Maybe you did a study abroad during college and are aching for another life-changing international adventure, or maybe you wish you'd done a study abroad but couldn't fit it into your schedule? Experiential Learning can act as a tool to facilitate this.

Professionals interested in a career sabbatical, or a summer of international learning: You might be burnt out from the corporate world, looking for a career change or maybe just looking to gain a fresh perspective and a change from the mundane -- whatever your reasons, more and more professionals are starting to break up their career with sabbaticals abroad to recharge their attitudes and become fully engaged with life.

Retirees looking to spend time living abroad: Retirees have a world of opportunity in front of them and the financial resources and desire to use their retirement as a period of discovery and growth. Perhaps they can use this to trace their roots and visit the cities of ancestors came from, or maybe put their skills and talent to work in a social development organization.

Socially Responsible: You're looking for ways to make positive social impact, but want to take a hands-on and personal approach. INEXEL will help you create a program, to understand the world of social development through hands on experiences.